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If additional information is required, in order to check the lawfulness and cost of insurance services, BFSM  aims to fill such information gaps. We check entire claim cases or simply individual details. If required, we work directly with relevant experts.

A further focus of our work is the targeted surveillance of persons, in order to acquire information regarding their actual physical and/or mental condition. These surveillances help to objectify the alleged symptoms and alleged impairments suffered by the claimant.

If stolen or embezzled objects are seized in Austria or abroad, we support with the repatriation to their legal owner.

Our services are charged according to our current hourly rate and mileage allowance or separately agreed lump sums.

BFSM – individual and specific solutions for economically viable results

Our values


The BFSM team is made up of people with various backgrounds and prior professional careers – each individual member of staff contributes specific skills that we draw on as valuable resources. We take practical approaches and seek creative solutions for economically viable results – tailored to our clients’ requirements.


Professionalism, integrity and trust are paramount for us as a team, and also for the work with our clients. Our investigators work within the legislative framework available to them and are, by law, duty bound to secrecy.


In our work, respect and tolerance for other ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religions are an important basis for successful cross-border claims investigations. We are ever mindful of the fact that we are acting on behalf of and therefore representing our clients. Our employees’ and partners’ health and security always prevail over the business interests of our company and clients.


We are generalists and specialists at the same time. As generalists, we deal with a wide variety of claims, in a wide variety of insurance classes and areas. As specialists, we recognize the relevant aspects, determine (determine verlangt ein Wort, was ermittelt wird in englisch) solutions accordingly and prepare the results with the greatest possible care for our customer.

BFSM – international reach and local competence

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